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Militis Justica stepped foot into Normal Emerald Nightmare and immediately defeated the first boss of the instance, Nythendra. While our victories quickly mounted, MJ's stalwart raid leader was lucky to captured a victory pose of our first boss kill of Legion.

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I'm proud to announce a monumental change for the guild. As we start looking to dip our toes in Mythic difficulty, we need to begin the recruiting drive. In years past, we've struggled to snag quality recruits during the final months of an expansion, so I've decided to rebrand Militis Justica.

As much as I love Latin phrases - and believe me, I seriously considered Dolium Sudore for its elegant quintessence - completely moving away from our old brand is for the best.

So, without further ado, I present our new name:

Menethil Justicars

By drawing from the lore of Azeroth and maintaining our trademark initialism, we will be able to draw from a larger stock of people. We may attract a few RPers, but that'll only add flavor to the MJ goulash.

So, there you have it, MJ. Henceforth, we are the Menethil Justicars!

Just take a look at the new banner!

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It's been a while since an update: Currently, we're 10/13 H HFC, because...

Last Thursday, we finally put Archimonde to rest. Everything seemed to fall into place, leaving us with another thirty minutes to kill before the end of our scheduled raid time. So we did what any self-respecting bunch of raiders would do: we farmed Heroic Mannoroth for bonus rolls.

Great job, everyone!



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