After dispatching Iskar for the first time, we decided to at least take a look at Fel Lord Zakuun. Just three minutes before 9:30 - and after a very brief, incomplete rundown of the fight - we pulled the boss. A few moments later we had a one-shot. Thanks to all the raiders who worked on Iskar prior to the kill and to everyone on Monday for such a fun night!
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Last week we downed Socrethar after a few nights of attempts. This week we killed him on the second attempt and began work on Iskar. Expect a new kill post soon!

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After two brief nights of raiding, MJ brought down 5 Hellfire bosses: Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormrok, High Council, and Kilrogg Deadeye. Next, we're looking to clear the instance and move on to Heroic difficulty. Great job, everyone!



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